No matter how hard you work to recruit the right people, structure the right incentives, address performance issues, come in early, work late, or just jump in and do it yourself… you’ll never develop a team that performs the way you do. Because being a great leader isn’t about making things happen. It’s about making space for things to happen.

Space that allows team members to risk what it takes to be extraordinary.

Space where every member of the team experiences Absolute Trust®.

Our exclusive Absolute Trust® Method revolutionizes the practice of leadership through three essential pillars:

1. Promise of Trust:

Great leaders trust that everyone has the potential for brilliance—and they make a promise to not only allow for it, but coax it to the surface.

2. Culture of Trust:

When your team members trust you—and one another—they feel safe. And folks who feel safe will collaborate, innovate, create and produce all day long. Once you implement the proven systems and specific dialogue to cultivate trust, brilliance naturally follows.

3. Tools of Trust:

Teasing out potential requires real tools for use in real time. When you can read a room and adapt your approach to the distinct individuals and challenges at hand, you’ll encourage all kinds of “risky” behaviors—like admitting mistakes, presenting unconventional ideas, expressing raw talent, challenging the status quo, collaboration and collective thinking, and genuine, innocent curiosity—that lead to extraordinary results.

Are You Ready to Rise to the Challenge?

Become an Extraordinary Leader: Leadership Coaching & Talent Development

Through a customized one-on-one coaching process you’ll develop both the mindset and the skillset required to lead a team that delivers the unexpected… on the regular.

Build a Team of Exceptional Performers: Team Coaching and Team Building

It’s natural for high-performing leaders to want to go further, faster. And together, we can make that happen. As you’re introduced to The Tools of Trust ™ during our one-on-one sessions, I’ll work directly with your team to demonstrate the tools in action. Before you know it, you’ll be doing the coaching. And your team members will be doing things you never thought possible.

Develop or Refresh Your Organizational Culture: Culture & Employee Engagement

Once you develop Absolute Trust® in teams, you’ll begin to witness a shift in culture. A new kind of ownership happens when people can show themselves completely and succeed in the process. Before you know it, they’ll be excited to come to work and championing the values that make your organization a place where the utterly uncommon occurs every day.

I was referred to Suzanne at a cross roads in my career, I knew I needed a change but was reluctant to do so. With her help, I’m happy to say that I have made a significant transition into a new industry and begun a new and exciting chapter within my career. The opportunity that Suzanne helped me unlock was far beyond what I had envisioned for myself and her ability to instill confidence within me was phenomenal. I couldn’t have done it on my own.

Angela Saffin, Senior Manager Analytics, Boeing

I sought Suzanne out as an executive coach at a time that I needed to reflect deeply about what I was doing professionally and where I wanted to go. The situation I had found myself in was unexpectedly stressful and resulted in a feeling of mental immobility. Suzanne was terrific, she understood that for me to address what I was facing, I needed a fundamental understanding of my values and approach my decision making based on those core values. Working with her allowed me to ‘see’ and subsequently move on and forward with confidence.

Max, Seasoned Physician Leader

Suzanne has worked with several members of my team on executive coaching engagements. She has been able to quickly identify areas of development, outline action plans, and provide techniques that enable them to overcome challenges with communication, trust building, and executive presence. The coaching work that Suzanne has done has made a tremendous difference, and enabled these individuals to unlock their potential to really shine!

Scott Geffre, VP
IT Applications, SOPHOS

Working with Suzanne was transformational; our partnership enabled me to identify and build leadership capabilities within myself and my team, and has helped me both professionally and personally. Suzanne has a unique ability to shine a light on areas I couldn't see myself and she provided me with simple and effective tools that improved my outcomes. Suzanne has helped me successfully navigate a large career transition, fast-tracked my leadership journey, and enabled me to create and maintain a high performing team of leaders. Through the work we have done together, I now have a comprehensive toolkit to guide me through any situation and the confidence to trust in myself throughout the process

Sarah Weller
Director, Provincial Programs, BC Cancer