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Suzanne’s thirty years of experience in the psychology of human behavior and the neuroscience of leadership—as well as her science-based-systems approach to coaching and talent development—have made her a go-to speaker for Fortune 500 organizations, executive groups, start-ups, professional associations, nonprofits and colleges.

Capitalizing on her experience with high-performing leaders and their teams, Suzanne delights and challenges audiences as she reveals the critical keys to leadership: building trust, enhancing communication, and navigating conflict. As both keynote speaker and master facilitator, Suzanne sparks and emboldens leaders to create and foster environments where all team members are inspired, encouraged, and provided the freedom and skills to operate at full potential toward a common goal.


From Employee Compliance To Commitment:
Why Trust Is The Game Changer

People don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses.

For most leaders, a top priority is delivering results—meeting their own targets and getting their people to meet theirs. And while the instinct is to set aggressive benchmarks and train direct reports on how to achieve them, too many leaders default to putting process over people. As a result, employees feel unappreciated, devalued, frustrated. And when they don’t move up (and sometimes even when they do) they often move out.

Fusing her deep knowledge of human behavior with her unparalleled ability to guide leaders to adopt a “coach-approach” with their people, Suzanne will show attendees that their key to sustainable success is standing right in front of them. It’s their people.


Photo by Stephen Oliveira, 2019

Through this transformational presentation, attendees will:

  • Discover how to build trust and spark team innovation
  • Access their inner compass to make creative, insightful decisions
  • Understand the dangers of “the default highway”
  • Uncover actionable coaching tools to heighten their everyday leadership performance

Suzanne Ricard-Greenway's warmth, grace and deep expertise at the intersections of leadership development, building trust and emotional intelligence made her a hit with my audience. It's rare to find a leadership speaker who can artfully dance between telling relevant stories and making bold recommendations, but this is Suzanne's genius. She inspired my audience to see their leadership strengths as well as their areas for growth with truth and self-compassion, and I recommend her highly.

-Alexia Vernon, Founder and producer, The Spotlight MasterTreat

Suzanne is a highly engaging speaker and facilitator. Her genius is reflected in her keen understanding of emotional intelligence, research-supported recommendations, and ability to bring authenticity into how she engages her audience. She builds trust quickly, and it was amazing to see how participants opened up as a result of her presentation.

-Ceyda Gultan, MA, CPHR, ICF Vancouver Chapter Past President
CPHR British Columbia & Yukon Coaching Roundtable Chair

Suzanne spoke to a number of CEO forums with Mackay CEO forums and provided strategic and practical insights on how to improve team dynamics. She gave a fresh twist to the topic by combining her expertise in personality theory, brain science, and human performance. From the moment she said her opening lines she engaged participants, and she adapted her session to meet participant’s real-world business challenges.

-Natalie Michael, Master Certified Forum Chair, MacKay CEO Forums

Suzanne beautifully integrates power, wisdom, practicality and kindness into her talk. I had numerous insights as I listened to her nuanced grasp of how leaders think and what their teams need. Suzanne is a gifted speaker and her unique perspective on leadership will surely transform the landscape within many organizations.

-Dr Lynyetta G. Willis, Psychologist, Family Empowerment Coach and Author

Suzanne's speech about leadership was incredible! Her insights were spot on as she perfectly described many leaders I have worked for who tend to jump in and solve problems, give advice and focus on control. The beauty of her speech is that we could all relate in some way to the carefully crafted and compelling picture she painted of management and culture in the workplace. The best part was her four step, easy to implement solutions. Members of my team were eager and willing to implement her sound advice and coaching. As a speaker, Suzanne is able to command a large room or an intimate gathering with her professional, poised, knowledgeable approach. She is a role model for leadership and we look forward to having her at future events.

-Natalie Barron, CPC, ACC, ELI-MP, MBA, Co-Founder | President, Core Creation Coaching & Consulting, LLC

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